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    Easy guide to download 123 hp printer

Complete Process To Setup HP Printer:

HP printers are the powerful tool which is used for your personal and professional use. It helps in effective and reliable printing. The best printer available in the market is HP printer and you can set up this printer via It gives proper service to the user and also provides easy steps to install the device on your system.

Setup Your New HP Printer

• First you should bring out your HP printer from the box.
• Then, you should place it on a clean, dry, and flat surface.
• After this, remove all the tapes and packing material from it.
• Now, you should plug in your printer power cord into the working power socket.
• Then, press the power button and then your printer will start blinking.
• Just go to the printer’s screen and then setup Language, Date, Region etc.
• Here, you should take the HP Printer ink cartridge out of the box.
• Now, you have to open the cartridge door and then insert each ink in the right place.
• After this, you should close the door and then you will get the message on the screen.
• Just take A4 size printing sheets and also put enough sheets in the input tray. • Here, your printer will align both- sheets and ink cartridges.
• Then, it will ask for the connection.

HP Printer Driver Download Setup-

To run your printer, you should have drivers in your computer. Drivers helps in printing and sending command to the printer.

• You should switch on your printer and the computer.
• After this, open the browser and then go to
• Now, you have to choose your Operating system and then find the drivers according to your printer model.
• Then you should click on Download and just follow the instructions to complete the procedure.
• When you download, then you can view it in the download folder.
• After this, you have to install the HP Printer drivers, and just make sure printer is properly connected with the computer.
• You have to open the setup file in the Downloads folder and after this, run the setup.
• Here, you have to click on Install option and begin installing the drivers.
• At last, follow the instructions to finish the setup.

How You Can Connect Your HP Printer with Wireless Network?

• On your printer, you should touch wireless button.
• Then, you will see the blue light this means it is ON.
• Now, you should press Settings on the screen of printer.
• After this, you have to select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and then select Yes.
• Follow the instructions which displays on your screen.
• Here, the printer detects the available networks of the router.
• You just have to select your router from the list and then enter the password of the network so that it connects.
• You have to follow the instructions and then confirm the wireless network connection.

If you want more information about HP Printers, then just visit to the site through